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GURUVACHANAMRIT (2nd Edition – 2017) Rs.300/-

A volume containing the discourses of H.H. Srimad Sudhindra Tirtha Swamiji, 20th Mathadhipati of Shri Kashi Math Samsthan, Varanasi, translated from Konkani into English by a group of devotees. An invaluable volume of continued benefit to all. The book was brought out in celebration of the Navati Mahotsava of Swamiji. It contains 40 select discourses of Swamiji made at various places over many decades. These provide essential guidelines for all sections of the community. They present a model of righteous living and warn against possible distractions and ills that might befall the individual and the society.


Shri Kashi Math and Guru Parampara (Origin and History) – By: V. Sudhish Pai (2015) Rs.250/-

A well-documented book, which describes the origin, history and the Guru Parampara of Shri Kashi Math Samsthan, Varanasi. The book contains pictures of our Mathadhipatis, their respective Vrindavans, presiding Deities of Shri Kashi Math Samsthan, Important Rayasapatras of Swamijis and other relevant Documents. It traces the origin and the Guru Parampara of Shri Kashi Math Samsthan and includes pen portraits of each of the Mathadhipatis, past and present. This book will appeal not only to all the disciples of Shri Kashi Math Samsthan, but also to all who are interested in the history of this Math.




Srimad Suneeti Bhagavata – By: Sri. G. K. Pai (1973) Out of Stock
A unique metrical work of Sagara Ramanuja, based on palm-leaf available at the Institute, dealing with the stories narrated in the Bhagavatpurana, presented in such a manner that the first half of each verse form a worldly maxim, and the latter half an illustration of the same, but also forming a part of the story.

Khandanatrayam – By: Sri. G. M. Bhat (2018) Rs.150/-

The English translation of minor works of Madhvacharya with notes. Upadikhandanam, Mayavadakhandanam, and Prapncamithyatvanumanakhandanam are the three Khandanas.

Cultural History from the Kurma Purana – By: Sri. G. K. Pai (1975) Rs.60/-
An analytical study of the text. Classifies the cultural material in the Kurma Purana in historical perspective.

A Catalogue of Sanskrit Manuscripts – By: Dr. Venkita Subramania Iyer (1999) Rs.250/-
The catalogued manuscripts (PALM LEAF ) 1402 in Number, cover the following subjects: Vedas, Itihasa, Purana, Dharmasastra, Tantra, Mantra, Yantra, Stotra, Darsana, Nataka, Champu, Kosa, Vratta, Vyakarana, Jyotisha, Vaidya, Niti, Kama, Sangita, etc.


The Konkani Language: Historical and Linguistic Perspectives

– Ed: Dr.V. Nithyanantha Bhat & Dr. L. Suneetha Bai (III Edition – 2016) Rs.125/-
An anthology of scholarly essays by various authors on various aspects of the language from the historical and the linguistic perspectives.


Socio-Cultural Background of the Gowda Saraswath Brahmins, As reflected in the Konkani Proverbs – By : Dr. L. Suneetha Bai (2004) Rs.150/-
A  research work that is comprehensible for common readers, on the Socio-cultural aspects of the Gowda Saraswat Brahmin Community as reflected in the selected Konkani Proverbs


Historical Background of the Konkani Language – A Phonological Study – By : Dr. L. Suneetha Bai (2004) Rs.100/-
An investigative study on the subject with Special Reference to Its Relationship with Sanskrit and Prakrit


Glimpses of Indian Scientific Heritage – By: Dr. K.P. Rajappan (2006) Rs. 100/-
Selected articles that highlight India’s important contributions to science


Advaita Vedanta: a Logico-Cognitive approach – By: Dr. N. Usha Devi (2007) Out of Stock
This work  is a critical study of Sri Sankara philosophy, discussing certain classical issues in Advaita system. The book proposes certain clarifications also.


VisnuTattvavinirnaya of Anandatirtha : A Critical Evaluation

– By: Dr. T. Sasikala (2007) Rs.175/-
It is an important work dealing with Supreme God Narayana – His divine qualities, His all-pervading nature and also His Sarvottamatva


Ancient Hindu Scriptures and Modern Science – Some Parallels – By : Dr. K.P. Rajappan  (2008) Rs.75/-
A brief and lucid account of some of the parallels between ancient Hindu scriptures and modern science


Ramapanivada’s Vrittavartikam – A Study – By: Dr. P.V. Kunjamma (2009) Out of Stock

Analytical study of the prosody work of Sanskrit


Bhartrhari’s Vakyapadiya: Its Linguistic and Literary Implications – By Dr. R. Anitha (2010) Rs.100/-
With special reference to Modern English Poetry


Rasakrida with English Translation – By: Dr. P.V. Kunjamma (2010, Sanskrit & English) Rs.150/-
Anustubh Prastara of Ramapanivada


Studies in Indian Logic – By: Dr. K.K. Ambikadevi (2010) Rs.150/-
The work examines important aspects of Nyaya or Indian Logic.



History and Heritage of Mathematical Sciences (2009) Rs.400/-
Proceedings of the Four-day International Conference organised at the Institute in 2002




Aspects of Comparative Literature and Criticism – By: Dr.T.Vasudevan (2011) Rs.200/-
A discussion of Indian concepts of literature and comparative literature


The Unseen Invariant  in Man – By : Dr.M.S.Sheeba (2011) Rs.100/-
A study on philosophical aspects of Nature of Self , its place inside the body, importance of Karma etc.


Sri Sankara’s Bhasyagranthas:   A Synthesis of Science and Spirituality – By: Dr. V. Vasanthakumari (2013) Rs.200/-
A treatise on Sri Sankaracharya’s Synthesis of sciences, both material and spiritual


Sphota Concept of Bharatamisra – By: Dr. S.Vijayakumari (2013) Rs.150/-
Bharatamisra’s arguments on the theory of Sphota (Relationship of word and meaning)



Happy Life – Compiled by Late Sri. M.R. Pai (2014) Rs.50/-
Exposition by H.H. Srimad Sudhindra Tirtha Swamiji, being Guidelines to Householders and Youth – A revised edition of the book initially published by GSB Sabha, Mumbai





Vande Sukrtindram (वन्दे सुकृतीन्द्रम् ) – (Literary Souvenir 2014) Rs.200/-
A literary Souvenir commemorating the Centenary of Sanyasa Deeksha of H.H. Srimad Sukrtindra Tirtha Swamiji containing a variety of articles in English, Konkani, Sanskrit, Malayalam and Kannada with rare photographs of the 19th Pontiff of Sri Kashi Math Samsthan.





Proceedings of the National Seminar on Sree Kashi Math and Guruparampara – Ed: Dr.V. Nithyanatha Bhat (2014, English & Konkani) Rs.250/-
Twenty Papers presented by various scholars on subjects related to Sree Kashi Math and Guruparampara



Texts and Rituals: Issues in Indology  – By: Dr. N.K. Sundareswaran (2015) Rs.250/-
Collection of scholarly articles on the subject

Stories from Yogavasishtham  – Dr. Jayasree Sukumaran (2015) Rs.150/-
25 Select stories from the great spiritual text of YOGAVASISHTHAM.


GURUSMRITI: Tributes to H.H. Shrimad Sudhindra Tirtha Swamiji (2016) Rs.150/-  

This is a an anthology of articles written by a few disciples of H.H. Shrimad Sudhindra Tirtha Swamiji as their tributes to Him. All these articles are reflections of Swamiji’s sacrifice for the sake of uplifting the community in all spheres of life – spiritual, religious, social and cultural. They throw light on the invaluable contributions of Swamiji towards the overall prosperity of His disciples. We have great pleasure to offer these tributes as our Guru Kanikya at the Lotus Feet of our Swamiji on the occasion of His first Punya Tithi.


Life and Works of Sahityakusalan M Seshagiri Prabhu – By: Payyanur Ramesh Pai (2018) Rs.100/-
A Monograph on the great personage

Nature in Naisadhiyacarita – A Study – By: Dr. Mumthas R. (2018) Rs. 300/-

Sanskrit Poets of Kerala and their Poetry – By: G. M. Bhat (2018) Rs. 80/-

Some Aspects of Konkani Cultural Heritage – Seminar Proceedings (2018) Rs. 150/-


വൈഷ്ണവം – By : Prof.R.Vasudevan Potti (2000) Rs.90/-
An anthology of articles on various aspects of Vaishnavism, such as Vaishnavadarsanam, Vishnubhakti, Vishnu Temples, especially ancient temples of Kerala, etc.

കാളിദാസപ്രസാദം  – By: Sri. T.M. Trivikraman Nampudiripad (2002) Rs.30/-
A unique intellectual interpretation of the incidents of ‘Kumarasambhavam’ of Kalidasa.

 ശ്രീ മധ്വാചാര്യ: ജീവിതവും ശനവും – By : Prof. R. Vasudevan Potti (2006) Rs.70/-
This book is a concise and lucid presentation of the life and teachings of Sri Madhvacharyar
തത്ത്വാദിത്രയം – By : Prof. R. Vasudevan Potti (2006) Out of Stock
This book explains the three works of Sri Madhvacharyar- namely TattvaSnkhyanan, TattvaVivekam, and Tattvodyotam.

 നാരായണീയം : വ്യാകരണവും പ്രയോഗചാതുരിയും  – By: Dr. Vinitha Jayakrishnan (2008) Rs.75/-
The usage, structure and  grammar used in Narayaniyam of Melpattur Narayana Bhattatiri analysed

 ഭാരതീയ ശനങ്ങ  – By : Prof. R. Vasudevan Potti (2010) Rs.150/-
Essays on Indian philosophy in lucid style meant for a general reader

ഭാരതീയ സംസ്കൃതി : ശബ്ദചിത്രങ്ങ  – By : Prof.  N. Swarnalatha (2011) Rs.200/-
Collection of Essays touching various facets of Indian Culture and presenting verbal pictures.

 കൊങ്കണി ഭാഷാ പഠനസഹായി – By : Sri. Saratchandra Shenoi (2012) Rs.200/-
Konkani learner through Malayalam language. Includes a Malayalam-Konkani Vocabulary also.   

 വേദവ്യാസ –  By: Sahityakusalan M. Seshagiri Prabhu (2012) Rs.100/-
Essays on Sage Vedavyasa – Compiled by : Sri. Payyanur Ramesh Pai (3rd Edition)

 സുരഭാരതീപ്രകാശം – By: Prof. R. Vasudevan Potti (2nd Edition, 2013) Rs.200/-
An invaluable hand guide and self tutor for learning and understanding Sanskrit language and its literature by a great teacher of Sanskrit

കാരകപ്രകരണം – By : Prof. R. Vasudevan Potti (2nd Edition : 2013) Rs.150/-
This book is a comprehensive commentary of Karakadivibhaktiprakaranam of the Sidhantakaumudi of Bhattojidikshithar

 ലകാരാത്ഥപ്രകരണം    – By : Prof. R.Vasudevan Potti (2013) Rs.100/-
An authentic reference volume on Sanskrit grammar.

സമാസപ്രകരണം   – By : Prof. R.Vasudevan Potti (2013) Rs.400/-
An authentic reference book dealing with some aspects of Sanskrit grammar

സന്തുഷ്ടജീവിതം – Translated by: Prof. V.V. Sadananda Prabhu (2nd Edition, 2013) Rs. 50/-  
Expositions by H. H. Srimad Sudhindra Tirtha Swamiji – Guidelines to Householders and Youth Malayalam Translation of the book compiled by Late Sri. M.R. Pai. Also contains a Pen Portrait of Swamiji prepared by the translator.

കൊങ്കണ ബ്രാഹ്മണരുടെ ചരിത്രം – By: Sahityakusalan M. Seshagiri Prabhu (2013) Rs.140/-
Essays on the History of Saraswat Brahmins as researched by the late author, from the Manuscript of the book which remained unpublished for over 100 years – Compiled by : Sri. Payyanur Ramesh Pai

ശ്രീമദ് ഭാഗവത കഥാമാല – By: Sri. K Purushothama Pai (Out of Stock)

ശാസ്ത്രവാദാവലി  – By : Prof. R. Vasudevan Potti (2nd Edition, 2013) Rs.125/-
A unique collection of brief notes on various ‘vadas’ that are found scattered in Indian Philosophy.

സിദ്ധാന്തകൗമുദിയിലെ സ്ത്രീപ്രത്യയ പ്രകരണം – By : Prof R Vasudevan Potti (2014) Rs.100/-
A comprehensive commentary on Sthree pratyaya prakarana by the Mahamahopadhyaya.

തർക്കസംഗ്രഹംBy: Prof. Panavally Radhakrishnan (2014) Rs.400/-

A comprehensive Malayalam Commentary of the famous work in Sanskrit

പാണിനീയ പദവ്യവസ്ഥBy: By : Prof R Vasudevan Potti (2014) Rs.100/-

Compilation and explanation of Sutras from Sidhantha Kaumudi

ശ്രീ കാശീമഠവും ഗുരുപരമ്പരയും (ഉത്ഭവവും ചരിത്രവും) – Translation by Prof. N. Vasundhara Kamath (2015) Rs.100/-

Origin and History of Shri Kashi Math and Guru Parampara, with colour pictures. Original in English written by Sri V. Sudhish Pai.

യോഗവാസിഷ്ഠസംഗ്രഹസംഗ്രഹം Dr. Jayasree Sukumaran (2017) Rs.80/-
111 Select slokas from the great spiritual text of YOGAVASISHTHAM with Malayalam translation.

സിദ്ധാന്തകൗമുദിയിലെ സന്ധിപ്രകരണം – By : Prof R Vasudevan Potti (2017) Rs.250/-
A comprehensive commentary on Sandhi Prakarana by the Mahamahopadhyaya.


अपरोक्षानुभूति – By : Dr. C.A. Shaila (2007) Rs.150/-
A critical study of Sri Sankara’s work

Purnapurusharthachandrodayam – By: Dr. K. Vijayakrishnan (2015 Sanskrit & English) Rs.250/-

The Sanskrit Allegorical Drama – Critical Edition with study.

साहित्यशास्त्रग्रन्थेषु शब्दशुद्धिविचारः – By : Dr Seema V. Madhavan (2016) Rs.200/-

श्रीलक्ष्मीनृसिंहेनविरचितया ‘ विलास ’ व्याख्यया सहिता – By: Dr. Rajeev P. P. (2017 Sanskrit) Rs.250/-

शास्त्रवादावलि – By : Mahamahopadhyaya Prof. R. Vasudevan Potti (2018) Rs.150/-


चिंतन अनुचिंतन – By : Dr. L. Suneetha Bai (2002) Rs.125/-
A collection of scholarly essays comparing various aspects of the two languages, Hindi and Konkani,


कोंकणी बरयतना – By: Sri. P.G. Kamath & Sri. Saratchandra Shenoi (2001) Rs.30/-
A hand-guide prepared for those who attempt to write in Konkani, helping them in perfecting their language.


कोंकणी काव्यमंजरी – Ed: Dr. L. Suneetha Bai (2004) Rs.100/-
An anthology of modern Konkani poetry of poets from Goa, Karnataka, and Kerala, with a special introduction to the subject.


श्रीवेंकटेश सुप्रभात – Translated By: Sri. Saratchandra Shenoi (2004, Sanskrit and Konkani) Rs.15/-
The celebrated and popular devotional Classic in Sanskrit, along with a translation in Konkani.


श्रीमद्‍ भागवतकथामाला – By: Sri. K Purushothama Pai (Out of Stock)

Countless stories from Srimad Bhagavatha presented in a simple lucid manner.


नंदादीप  – Compiled & Edited by : Sri. Saratchandra Shenoi (2011) Rs.200/-
Anthology of Konkani Literature of Kerala of the Dawn Era (1850-1950) with a comprehensive introduction of the Authors and Works of the period.


भक्तिगान मंजरी  – By: Saraswata Ratna R.C. Sarma (2012) Rs.40/-
Devotional Songs & Poems (Transliterated into Devanagari script by : Sri. Saratchandra Shenoi)


अक्षरगीता – Compiled by : Sri. Saratchandra Shenoi (2015, Sanskrit & Konkani) Rs.60/-

Introducing the Devanagari Alphabets through Bhagavad Gita Slokas, with Konkani translations of the same.


A Handbook for writing BETTER KONKANI by : Sri. Saratchandra Shenoi (2015, English & Konkani) Rs.100/-

Language guide through English. Includes an English-Konkani Vocabulary.