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Books of Other Publishers available with us


Traditional Architectural forms of Malabar Coast (2001) Rs.400/-  By :  Dr Ashalatha Thampuran
A result of extensive study undertaken on the subject. (Vastuvidya Pratishtanam, Calicut)


An Engineering Commentary on Manushyalayachandrika Rs.500/-  By : Dr. A. Achyutan & Dr. Balagopal T S Prabhu
A unique treaty on Vastuvidya containing original text in Sanskrit along with English translations and commentary along with 105 illustrations (Vastuvidya Pratishtanam, Calicut)


Readings in Vastusastra (1995) Rs.120/- Ed: Sri. Kanippayyur Krishnan Namboodiripad. An Anthology of papers on traditional Architecture.


Information Technology : Concepts and Applications Rs.250/-  Ed. By : Dr.R.Sreeram Kumar & Dr.Balagopal T S Prabhu
Collection of articles by experts on the related subject. (Institute of Engineers – India, Calicut)



ജീണോദ്ധാരണം  (2015) Rs.100/-  Ed. by : Sri. Kanippayyur Krishnan Namboodiripad. A collection of papers on conservation, restoration, and renovation of temples (Vastuvidya Pratishtanam, Calicut)


വാസ്തുവിദ്യാദർശനം (1994) Rs.300/-  By: Dr. Balagopal T S Prabhu. A philosophy of Traditional Architectural Science (Vastuvidya Pratishtanam, Calicut)


ഗുരുവായൂർ ശ്രീകൃഷ്ണക്ഷേത്രവും കീഴേടങ്ങളും (2011) Rs.120/- Ed. by : Sri. Kanippayyur Krishnan Namboodiripa. An illustrated and descriptive study of the subject (Vastuvidya Pratishtanam, Calicut)


വാസ്തുവിദ്യയുടെ പരിണാമഗാഥ (2011) Rs.200/-  By: Dr. A. Achyutan & Dr. Balagopal T S Prabhu. Evolutionary Saga of Traditional Architecture (Vastuvidya Pratishtanam, Calicut)


ശില്പാരാമം (2013) Rs. 200/- Ed. by : Sri. Kanippayyur Krishnan Namboodiripad. Anthlogy of Essays on a variety of topics related to Vastu Vidya (Vastuvidya Pratishtanam, Calicut)


കൊങ്കണവും കൊങ്കണഭാഷയും  Rs.120/- Translated by: S.G.Naik, Vaikom. A treatise on the Konkan land and Konkani language by Rao Bahadur Dr. V.P.Chavan – initially published in 1926. A revised Edition published now. (P.G. Kamath Foundation, Ernakulam)


ചൂള Rs.200/-  Translalted by: Dr.L.Suneetha Bai. Malayalam translation of the Konkani novel हावठण By Sri. Mahabaleshwar Sail (Konkani Language & Cultural Foundation, Mangalore)


ശ്രീ സന്ധ്യാവന്ദനാദി (III Edition, 2003, Sanskrit / Malayalam) Rs.50/- By: P. G. Kamath. A guide book with meanings (Saraswat Academy of Higher Education, Calicut)


മലയാളം കൊങ്കണി ക്രിയാപദാവലി (2014 Malayalam, Konkani) Rs.100/-  By: Sri. Saratchandra Shenoi. A Vocabulary of Verbs and other words in Malayalam-Konkani format. (Samyuktha Gowd Saraswath Sabha, Calicut)


പ്രോക്ഷണം (2013) Rs.150/- By: Sri. L. Gopinatha Pai
A Collection of Essays related to GSB Community



अंतरनाद  (2001) Rs.90/- (Hardbound)
Award Winning Konkani poems of  Sri.Saratchandra Shenoi translated by Dr. L. Suneetha Bai (Published by M/s Jawahar Pustakalaya, Mathura, U.P.)



अनन्तु Rs.70/- By : Sri. K. Anantha Bhat
A novel work – An Autobiography in poetic form (P.G. Kamath Foundation, Ernakulam)


जीव संकल्प  Rs.100/- By : Sri.N.Balakrishna Mallaya
A Collection of 72 poems by a budding poet. (P.G. Kamath Foundation, Ernakulam)


आळीं Rs.100/- By : Sri.K.Purushothama Pai
A collection of 50 riddles for children, with illustrations by Cartoonist Balu. (P.G. Kamath Foundation, Ernakulam)


पवळीं  Rs.70/-  By : Sri.P.G.Kamath
An anthology of poems by the Late poet and scholar. (Pusthak Prakashan, Ernakulam)


बषीराल्यो काण्यो (2013) Rs. 150/-Translated by Prof. R. K. Rao. Malayalam Stories of Vaikom Muhammed Basheer translated into Konkani (Konkani Sahitya Akademi-Kerala)