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Journal – April 2007 (Vol. 8; No.2)

2007 APR VOL 8 - NO2

CONTENTS of April 2007 (Vol.8 ; No.2)¬†Issue –¬†

  • Ecological awareness in Vedas and Puranas
  • Lord Visnu: The all prevading power
  • The philosophy of Padmapada
  • Altruism in Vatmiki’s concept of Dharma
  • Materialistic thoughts as reflected in Sri Sankara’s BhashyaGranthas
  • Theoretical concept of Sabdabodha
  • Bhartrhari’s Theory of eaning and Logos
  • Members of a Syllogism in Indian Logic
  • SreeNarayana Guru-Humanist and practical Vedantist
  • Language Wedded to Philosophy in Sri Aurobindo’s Savitri
  • Two Sanskrit short poems of MahaKavi P Kunhiraman Nair
  • PathanjalikruthaBhashyagatanyaya – Meemasanyayascha Tulanatmaka Sameeksha
  • Book Review: Essays on the MahaBharata



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