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Journal – April 2004 (Vol.5 ; No.2)

2004 APRIL VOL 5 - NO2

Contents of April 2004 (Vol.5 ; No.2) Issue – 

  • Science and Spirituality – A Gita Perspective
  • Indian Philosophy and the Holistic Perception of Reality in Science
  • Scientific Basis of Indian Astrology
  • Iconography and Sculpture
  • Injunctions and Prohibitions in Mimamsa : Their Import to Language and Linguistic Science
  • The Concept of Mukti in Saiva Philosophy
  • Women Characters in Mahabharata with Special Reference to Kunti, Draupadi and Gandhari
  • Jivo Brahmaiva Naparah : Some Aspects of the Philosophical Thoughts of Kabir
  • Shree Sanjay Sharma Museum and Research Institute, Jaipur
  • Book Review – One Book




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