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Journal – Oct 2003 (Vol.5 ; No.1)

2003 OCT VOL 5 - NO1

CONTENTS of October 2003 (Vol.5 ; No.1) Issue –

  • Understanding of God in Dvaita and Madhva
  • Agama, the Source of Temple Cult of South India
  • Contribution of Kerala to Sanskrit Literature
  • Tamil Brahmi and its Developments
  • Treatment of Karaka and Vibhakti in Jumara Vyakarana
  • The Mango Motif in Sanskrit Poetry
  • A Study of Alamkaras in the Swami Vivekananda Carita MahaKavya
  • The Interpretation of Parasurama Myth in Keralodaya
  • Sri Aurobindo and Mystic Literature
  • Ekam Vicintanam





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