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Journal – April 2011 (Vol.12; No.2)

2011 APR VOL 12 - NO2

CONTENTS of April 2011 (Vol.12; No.2) Issue –

      • The Threefold Division of Tantric Rites according to Isanasivagurudevapaddhati
      • Sabda as a Source of Knowledge in Nyaya Philosophy
      • The Vitthala Cult in Lower Kaveri : A Study of the Srirangam Temple Inscriptions
      • Fixing the Reading of Manuscripts – Problems and Remedies
      • The Eight Limbs of Yoga Depicted in Patanjala Yogasutrabhasyavivarana
      • Ecocriticism, Mythography and Sahitya
      • कालिदाससाहित्ये भक्तिः
      • पुराणप्रयुक्ता चित्रभाषा -विश्लेषणात्मक मनोविज्ञानापरं अध्ययनम्
      • वेदाः मूलम् दर्शनानाम्
      • कातन्त्रपरिभाषासूत्राणाम् स्वरूपविचारः
      • Book Reviews – Two Books
      • Books at a Glance – Four Books




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