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Journal – April 2018 (Vol. 19, No.2)



  • Humanism in Swami Vivekananda™s Social Philosophy – Dr. Nagamony P.S.
  • Concept of Bhakti in Swami Tapovan™s Philosophy – Asha Devi R.
  • Sreams of Yogas in the Yagopanisads– Philomina T.L.
  • Expressing the inexpressible: Rflections on Freedom of Expression in Advaitavedanta – Dr. Smitha Sabu
  • Significance of Stotras in Sanskrit Literature – Chitra V.S.
  • The Self in the Jaina Philosophy – Shajimon B.L.
  • Medicinal Evaluation of Pippala Vrksa as Depicted in Sanskrit Texts – Dr. Dhananjay Vasudeo Dwivedi
  • Lagna Bhava in Camatkara Cintamani– Ratheesh S.
  • Sita – An Epitome of Ideal Womanhood– Suja P.
  • Caste System As Envisaged in Puranas – Asadevi G.
  • The Need of Ideal Diet for Yogic Practice: A Reading of Gherandasamhita – Dr. Susmi Sabu
  • Angirasa in Ascaryacudamani – Sunitha S.
  • Description of Beauty of Nature in Naisadhiyacarita – Dr. Mumtas R.
  • Grammatical Tradition in Sanskrit – Renuka M.
  • पाणिनीयप्रद्योतस्य वैशिष्ट्यम – विपिन ए.
  • देवप्रश्ने सर्पबाधाविचिन्तनम – सुजित एस.
  • अभिज्ञानशाकुन्तले शुक्रनीतिः – डा. के. एस. बिन्दुश्रीः
  • याज्ञवल्क्यस्मृतौ – सीमाविवादः – अम्बिका टी. आर.

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