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Journal – Oct 2010 (Vol.12; No.1)

2010 OCT VOL 12 - NO1

Contents of October 2010 (Vol.12; No.1) Issue

  • Orthodoxy Resignified – Peripheries & Centres of Tantra in Kerala
  • Budhist Theory of Perception According to Nyayabindu Dharmakirti
  • Ecological Concept of Mulaprakrti in Saundaryalahari
  • Sculptural Representation of Kundalini Yoga
  • Contributions of Vijayanagara Empire and Nayaka Rulers in Kanyakumari Region
  • Bharatendu – A Biographical Mahakavya of Kerala
  • Relevance of Advaita Vedanta in Modern Context
  • Vedas Against Deforestation
  • The Four Chief Desciples of Sri Sankara
  • Aspects of social Environment in Mahabharata
  • The Poetic Touch in Sankaracharya’s Bhasyagrantha
  • Treatment of the Feminine Suffixes in Bhoja’s Sarasvatiharana – Study
  • वाक्यपदीयस्य दर्सनम्
  • Book Reviews – Five Books



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