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Journal – Oct 2011 (Vol.13; No.1)


CONTENTS of October 2011 (Vol.13; No.1) Issue – 

  • The Cosmo Theandric Intuition Through Bhakti – the Dvaita Metaphor
  • The Volitional Magic according to Kularnava Tantra – Some Observations
  • Advaita Philosophy of Maharsi Malayala Swami
  • The Mantra of Detachment in Bhagavad Gita
  • Bhaktiyoga in Uddhavagita
  • Patanjali’s philosophies of Grammar and Yoga
  • Indian Materialism and Its Main Principles
  • Grammatical and Etymological Study of Technical Terms in Ayurveda
  • Editions, Commentaries and Translations of the Mahabhasya
  • Bhagavad Gita : A Materialistic Interpretation to Vedanta
  • रामदर्पणः रुग्मिणीपरिणयनाटके भासकालिओदासादीनां प्रभावः
  • शुकनासोपदेशः
  • पाणिनीयसूत्रेषु जातिनिर्देशः
  • Book Reviews – Two Books : Sanskrit Informatics, Siddharthah



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