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Journal – Oct 2013 (Vol.15; No.1)

2013 OCT 2013 VOL 15 - NO.1

CONTENTS of October 2013 (Vol. 15, No.1) Issue –

  • The Concept of Bhakti in Naradabhaktisutra and Sandhyabhaktisutra
  • Importance of Doubt (Samsaya) in Indian Logic
  • Maya as expounded by Sri  Sankaracharya and its relevance in Modern Scientific Thought
  • Intrinsic Unity of Being, Self and Brahman in Indian Thinking
  • Excellence of Yoga in Present Day of Life
  • Dronacharya
  • Thoughts on Abhimanyu and Innateness
  • Concept of Bhakti  in Gitagudarthadipika
  • Four  Noble Truths in Buddhism
  • The Society Delineated in Bhasa’s  Plays
  • Banabhatta and Prose Literature
  • The Concept of Pratibha in Sanskrit Poetics
  • वैशेषिकदर्शने प्रत्यक्षप्रमाणविचारः
  • समासेषु द्वन्द्व:



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