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Journal – Oct 2008 (Vol.10 ; No.1)



  • Contribution of Temple Art and Architecture to Our Cultural Heritage – Dr. R.N. Aralikkatti
  • Sri Sankara and National Integration – Dr. N.P. Unni
  • ViraSaiva School of Saivism and Its Relevance – Thankamoni P.K.
  • Dharma – Its Changing paradigms in Hinduism and Bhuddism – S. Suresh Kumar
  • The Socio Philosophic Quest for a ‘Community’ – Dr. N. Usha Devi
  • Sin and Crime – A Comparative Study in the light of Dharmasutras – Dr. C.R. Subhadra
  • The Concept of Moksha in Indian Philosophy – Dr. C.A. Shaila
  • Vedanta and Modern Science – Dr. V. Nithyanantha Bhat
  • Concept of Sarira in Vaisesika System – Dr. V. Vasanthakumari
  • The Role of Self in Linguistic Science: A Historical Perspective – Dr. G. Ramamoorthy
  • Naiyayikaritya Sabdasya PrithakPramanyaVichara
  • Post – Paniniyan Systems of Grammar – Dr. M.V. Natesan
  • Book Reviews – Dr. V. Nithyanantha Bhat



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