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Journal – October 2014 (Vol 16, No.1)



  • Some Aerial Routes Gleaned from Ancient Indian Literature – K G Seshadri
  • Role of Bhakti in the Philosophy of Sankara – Dr. Susanth S.
  • Indian System of Logic (Nyaya) – A Study – Dr. Sujith S.
  • काव्यास्वादने व्याकरणशास्त्र्स्योपयोगः – डा. के.वी.वासुदेवन
  • Reconciling Myth and Philosophy – Ann Maria John
  • प्रतिशाख्यप्रवेशः – डा. अशोक कुमार एन. के.
  • Uttararamacharitha – A Study Based on Its Ecological Awareness – Dr. Lalana N.K.
  • The Concept of Aucitya in Dhvanyaloka and Locana – Renjith Rajan
  • Concept of Agni in Ayurveda – Dr. A. Jilsha
  • The Zamorins of Calicut and Their Contribution to Sanskrit Studies – Deepa K. B.
  • The Three Testimonials in Hortus Malabaricus – Saratchandra Shenoi
  • Ausadhisukta and Aranyasukta in Rgveda – An Analysis based on Environmental Ethics – Harish P.N.
  • Sayana’s Rgvedbhashya as a Commendable Work: A Critique – Hareesh K. P.
  • Book Reviews: Dr. G. Gangadharan Nair

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