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Journal – October 2015 (Vol 17, No.1)



  • Some observations of the Sun as Gleaned from Ancient Indian Literature – K.G.Sheshadri
  • Educational Ethos and Practices, The Upanishadic Pedagogy – Dr. N. Usha Devi
  • Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta, A Comparative Analysis – A Comparative Approach  – Dr. C. S. Soumya
  • Marriage in Ancient India – Dr. Priya Jose K.
  • Sanskrit Sources on Cookery – Sreeja K. N.
  • Diseases of Plants and Their Treatment in Ayurveda – Sreevidya S.
  • The Unadi Sutras of Bhoja, A Brief Study – Dr. K. V. Kesava sarma
  • An Introduction to Kavisamaya or Poetic Convention – Revathy T. I.
  • Contribution of Bhanudatta to Sanskrit Poetics – Dr. S. Remadevi Amma
  • Sanskrit Metres of Bhatta Narayana – Renjith Rajan
  • Reflection of Musical Elements in Sanskrit Literature – Sreeja S.
  • Saptasvaras in Amarakosa – Dr. Anitha Kallyadan
  • Bhavabhuti™s Art of Dramatical Narration in Uttararamacharita – Dr. Vidya K. B.
  • Grammatical Cases of Malayalam: Some Problems and Approaches – Soumya N. K.
  • प्रक्रियासर्वस्वदिशा परिभाषास्वरूपविचारः – डा. टी. वी. गिरिजा
  • Book Reviews – Dr. G. Gangadharan Nair

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