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God listens to every prayer from a sincere soul. The best form of prayer is only for God’s grace, and nothing else. A prayer for the welfare and happiness of others is always pleasing to God. – SHRIMAD SUDHINDRA TIRTHA SWAMIJI

Happy Life

The secret of a happy life is to follow the basic tenets of Dharma like Ahimsa, truth, humility and compassion, and lead a pure and simple life of righteousness. – SHRIMAD SUDHINDRA TIRTHA SWAMIJI


Non-violence or compassion is the greatest of righteous principles. If a person can implement this principle in life, that person’s life can be said to be truly successful. – SHRIMAD SUDHINDRA TIRTHA SWAMIJI


In every person, evil tendencies are always present, and ever eager to manifest themselves. Good qualities are to be cultivated and coaxed to manifest themselves. – SHRIMAD SUDHINDRA TIRTHA SWAMIJI


Truth is the great principle which should guide one in all activities, if one seeks permanent happiness and peace in life. – SHRIMAD SUDHINDRA TIRTHA SWAMIJI

Ideal Household

In an ideal household, there should be respect for elderly people on the part of youngsters, and elderly people should love the youngsters and give them proper guidance. – SHRIMAD SUDHINDRA TIRTHA SWAMIJI


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