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Here are some extracts from our Visitors’ Book, comments from some eminent personalities –

The Institution has developed a good library and a manuscript section. A half yearly journal is also issued. I am glad to record my appreciation of the good work of the institution.

– Prof. K. T. Pandurangi (Former Professor & Head of Department of Sanskrit, Bangalore University)

I am very happy to have the opportunity of spending a few days at Sree Sukrtindra Oriental Research Institute and am greatly impressed by the devotion and hospitality of the staff. The various publications and the bi-annual journal of the Institute are really impressive. I am also happy that an Institute for research in Indian Mathematical Sciences will be established here. I do hope that this will become a Premier Centre for the study especially of Kerala School of Mathematics.

– Dr. S. R. Sarma (Rtd Professor of Sanskrit, Aligarh Muslim University & Visiting Professor of several Universities abroad. Internationally known Dvaita Scholar)

I have been very much impressed by the efficiency and punctuality of the Institute under the inspiring leadership of Dr. V. N. Bhat. This Institute is the fittest place to have a Research Centre on History and Heritage of Mathematics. Sukrtindra Oriental Research Institute is rendering great service to the people of India, in general, and for the progress of Research work on the History and Culture of Kerala, in particular.

– Dr. G. S. Pandey (President, Indian Society for History of Mathematics, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh. Eminent scholar in the History of Mathematics)

It looks very purposeful how the Institute arranged the Conference of History of ancient Mathematics, and managed the whole thing. The Institute planned for the conference, built a new hall and the total impact, we must call as EXCELLENT.

– Prof. Sailesh Das Gupta (Eminent scholar in the History of Mathematics and Recipient of Rabindra Puraskar)

I enjoyed and learned much during the 3 days conference. I hope that this kind of conference will make more connection of IRAN “ INDIA Cultural-Scientific Relation. Every thing was nice.

– Dr. Saeid Hashemi (Eminent scholar in the History of Mathematics of Iran)

Visited the Institute on the occasion of the International Conference on the History and Heritage of Mathematical Sciences and participated in the deliberations of the conference for four days from the 19th to 22nd December 2002. I found everything here very systematic and symmetric. It is due to the courteous behavior of the staff including the Director that the Institute is developing day by day. Hope, in near future, it will develop as a national Institute of its kind. The style of the working motivates visitors including myself.

– Dr. Parmeshwar Jha (Eminent scholar in the History of Mathematics from Bihar)

During the week before Christmas 2002, I visited the Sukrtindra Oriental Research Institute on the occasion of the International Conference on the History and Heritage of Mathematical Sciences. During this Conference I learned a lot about the unique role of Indian Mathematicians in the development of Mathematics, the language of science and technology. Moreover, and more important, I met many people who are close in mind to me and leave with the hope of friendship and collaboration. Wishing all the best to the Institute and whole India.

– Dr. Elart Von Collani (Wurzburg, Germany – Eminent scholar in the History of Mathematics)

Attending the International Conference on the History and Heritage of Mathematical Sciences has been an exhilarating experience for me. The conference was run very smoothly and we all enjoyed the hospitality of the organizers immensely. My congratulation to all of these organizers for having done their job splendidly.

– Dr. Kamal Chanda,USA (Eminent scholar in the History of Mathematics)

This is a very well organized meeting. The transportation, boarding and lodging have been excellent. The participants were very motivated, in general..

Jasbir S. Chahal, USA (Eminent scholar in the History of Mathematics)

I have seen here with my naked eye ” Vidya dadati vinayam”. I will like to come here again and again.

Prof. K. Jha (L.B.S.M. College, Jamshedpur, Eminent scholar in the History of Mathematics)

This Institute locates in very calm atmosphere. I tried to find some Konkani books in Kochi. It is very lucky for me to find good Konkani books collection in this Institute. Next time I want to stay longer here and to see the whole collection of your library.

Giri Suzuki (Japan)

I along with my collegues, all Konkani writers from Goa, Mangalore and Mumbai visited the Sukrtindra Oriental Research Institute today. It was a wonderful and educational tour of the various departments and the spacious library consisting thousands of books on practically every subject. I was thrilled to see some old Konkani palm leaf inscriptions. The Institute is well maintained with loving care.

J. B. Moraes, Mumbai (Konkani Poet and Recipient of Sahitya Akademi Award)

I have the grand fortune to visit Sri Sukrtindra Oriental Research Institute. I am thrilled to see the treasure. The good work done will be mentioned by the Institute.

R. J. Kamath. Bangalore (Former Chairman & Managing Director, Andhra Bank & Canara Bank)

My visit to Sukrtindra Oriental Research Institute today has been very rewarding. The literary ambience is evident all over the premises. The Library is a treasure of literary works most of which are rare and valuable. I admire the care with which the books and manuscripts are dealt with.I am particularly happy with the discussions I had with Shri Nityanand Bhat who is knowledgeable and well-read. A section to Konkani books makes me feel proud though more need to be done to acquire the vast treasure of Konkani books including the Encyclopaedia, Samagr Shenoy Goembab and other works of research, translations, etc. Great efforts. Keep it up. May Konkani speaking community benefit largely by this endeavour. I am returning greatly satisfied and would like to repeat visiting this Institute.

Damodar Mauzo (Well-known Konkani Writer, Goa)

I am very honoured to be here and witness the preservation of our culture and heritage. This is necessary to ensure the survival of our civilization. I hope you will get greater support from the citizens of Kochi for this great venture. Best wishes.

– T.V.Mohandas Pai (Former Director, Infosys)

I visited Sukrtindra Oriental Research Institute. The Library is excellent. There is a huge collection of Sanskrit Sastra Books. This Library is most useful to those are eager to learn Sanskrit. I am extremely happy that I could visit this Institute. 

– Dr. T.D.Suneethy Devi (Special Officer “Sanskrit, Office of the DPI, Trivandrum)

What a wonderful collection ! Well preserved and arranged archival as well as library collections. These are very useful to the students and scholars. Actually this is a world of knowledge !

P. Easwaran (Course Coordinator, Centre for Heritage Studies, Hill Palace, Tripunithura)

I am fortunate that I am in this Cultural Centre which throbs with intellectual activities. The Library contains very valuable books throwing light on our ancient culture. That all these books have been donated by lovers of philosophy shows that Sanathana Dharma is the Eternal religion. I am tempted to be a member of this Library by which I hope to enrich my knowledge and thus aid me in the research I am now engaged in. I wish the Institute all success in its endeavour to spread Sanathana Dharma. With Pranams to the Swamiji.

Vasudevan, I.A.S. Rtd. (Former Secretary to Govt. of Kerala)

I was impressed by the work of the Institution and blamed myself for not being associated with it earlier. This has made me to visit again and again for my growth.

R. S. Lokapur (Free-lance Researcher on Indology)

Visited this wonderful institution today. It is heartening to see a few dedicated individuals trying to conserve and preserve our great Hindu heritage. I pray that this Institute develops into a great seat of learning and scholarship.

Dr. G.Sreekumar Menon (Commissioner, Customs & Excise, Goa.)

I came to India to learn and I found that the Oriental Research Institute is a very good place to carry on my research on the Sanatana Dharma. Thanks to the advice of its kind Director.

Salvatore Giuseppe Sorisi (Italian Professor)

I had the pleasure of visiting this Institute on 06-04-2012. I was pleasantly surprised by the large collection of scholarly volumes on oriental philosophy and allied subjects. My interaction with Dr. Bhat, the Hon. Director, was very pleasant and I was enlightened on various aspects of the working of the Institute. I have no hesitation in saying that the Institute is a rare and valuable asset to our Society in general and scholars seeking knowledge in particular. I wish the Institute all success and years and years of service to scholars.

Prof. C. Jagannath Pai (Professor of English, Mumbai.)

I am happy to see the considerable progress shown by the Institution. I wish the Institution all prosperity.

Dr. N.P. Unni (Former Vice Chancellor, Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit)

Today I visited this prestigious Institute for inaugurating a Seminar on Temple Architecture. I could see the best facilities for research in Indology and Culture. Wish growth and popularization.

Dr.K.K.N.Kurup (Former Vice Chancellor, University of Calicut)

It is a great opportunity that I got by visiting this Institution. I am amazed at the facility provided and by the commitment of all those involved in preserving the treasure of the Bharatiya Culture with an aim to provide insight for the future generation. Wishing the very best.

Justice Thottathil B.Radhakrishnan (Judge, High Court of Kerala)