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Journal – Oct 2007 (Vol.9 ; No.1)

2007 OCT VOL 9 - NO1

CONTENTS of October 2007 (Vol.9 ; No.1) Issue – 

  • Madhva’s Ontological Scheme as Depicted in Tattva Samkhyana
  • Sabdabodha Yogadarsana
  • The Importance of Navya-Nyaya and its Reflection on Bhasha Paricheda
  • Tarka in Tarkasastra
  • Causes for Vakyarthajnana in Nyaya Philosophy
  • Education of Women in Ancient India
  • Jagannatha’s Concept of Poetry on the Basis of Sabdhabodha Principles
  • The Theory of Sphota
  • Some Principles Behind Ayus in Ayurvedic System
  • Upanishadic References to Embryology as Reflected in Ayurveda
  • Bhesajapaddhati – A Study
  • Soma -The Vedic God and King of Medicinal Plants
  • Budhi-Sankhyanayayikamatamavalambya Vimarsanatmakamadhyayanam
  • Book Reviews – The Collected Works of J.Krishnamurti, India’s Classical Love Story




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